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NSG Factory Team

Welcome to my resume web site!

1980s brings a lot of cultural images to mind in American history. Coups were occurring around the world, gas rationing combatted the oil embargo, a small and unknown hockey team stunned the world, and Gorbachev became the new leader of the Soviet Union. It was in this decade of transition that the game of paintball was invented and the Splatmaster marking pellet pistol was released to the public.

The rest is history. As paintball became more and more popular, NSG rose to be the period's largest and one of the most important distributors of paintball equipment. NSG sponsored tournaments set the precedent for competitive league play, NSG merchandise established marketing norms for guns and equipment, and the Survival Game had truly made its presence known.

As time continued into the 1990s however, technology was changing. By the time that constant air, semi automatic blowback guns, and more affordable paintballs had come, NSG was quickly fading. By 1995 the company and its legacy were gone.

Today, stock class players, collectors, historians, and airsmiths all remember a time of simpler technology, of a different era of paintball when the game mattered more than all of the distractions that are packaged with it today. NSG Factory takes the field with the goals of competitive, aggressive, sportsmanlike play, and the popular tools of an era forgotten.

Who We Are
We are paintball players, stock class enthusiasts, tournament buffs, collectors, and part time airsmiths. We enjoy having a good time on the field and don't involve ourselves with petty factionalization. A gun is a gun, the game is a game. Most of us are members of Team Frontline, a modern competitive paintball team. Despite our love for new and fast technology, we also give equal respect to the roots of the game. Want to play us or join us? Got an idea for a stock class event in mind? Let us know!


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